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We uphold 11-point safety philosophy viz:



  • All injuries are preventable.

  • Management is fundamentally responsible to lead the safety effort in a sustained and consistent way, establishing safety goals, demanding accountability for safety performance, and providing the resources to make the safety program work.

  • Leadership's role is critical and everyone must be connected to and have personal value for the drive for safety excellence.

  • All operating exposures that could result in injuries or occupational illnesses can be controlled once training and safety devices are provided.

  • Each employee is expected to be conscientious in assuming personal safety responsibility.

  • Employees must be trained and motivated to work safely.

  • Audits of the workplace are carried out to assess performance and weaknesses.

  • Safety deficiencies found are overcome immediately.

  • Both the employee and the company become safer when the employee internalizes safety.

  • Injuries cost money, and their cost undermines competitiveness.

  • Safety must be integrated as a core business and personal value, recognizing not only that good safety is good business but that it's important for each member of the business to have a personal value for their own safety and the safety of the people they work with.

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